Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus is a Lawl game created by Jellyfishbaby, aka GloryTheRainWing108 on this site. Find the playlist here:

Current Characters Edit


Grand Dad/Fred Mario [7 GRAND DAD]

Future Characters Edit

Bobsheaux [Bobsheaux]

Somari [Somari]

Cory [Cory in the House]

Orendi [Battleborn]

Tina [Anime Studio/Moho]

Scratchy [Scratch]

Raven [Old Teen Titans show]

Maxwell [Scribblenauts]

Odo [Star Trek]

Tachyon [Sentinels of the Multiverse]

Unity [Sentinels of the Multiverse]

Toon Mr. Bean [Mr. Bean]

Alphys [Undertale] [Sans is now an alternate costume of her.]

Undyne [Undertale]

Mettaton/Mettaton EX [Undertale]

Luke Skywalker [Star Wars]

Emmet [The LEGO Movie]

Kubo [Kubo and the Two Strings]

Woody [Toy Story]

Max [Max series by Press Play]

Quote [Cave Story]

The Stig [Top Gear]

Amy [Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs, which was a horrid animated film]

Mater [Cars]

Beerus [Dragon Ball]

Sparky [A Car's Life]

Five [Dark Matter]

Simple Mobile Guy [SIMPLE Mobile]

Ori and Sein [Ori and the Blind Forest]

Stages so far Edit

Final Destination [Super Smash Bros.]

Battlefield [Super Smash Bros.]

Shrek's Swamp [Shrek]

Tenkaichi Budokai [Dragon Ball]

Trivia Edit

Jellyfishbaby uses Anime Studio Debut 11 to animate this series.

Somari is back! Renegade Jade said I should just go for it in this link:

I removed Mr. Bean and replaced him with Toon Mr. Bean due to a request by JMan 12. Also, Exotix 7 and Aitor Molina have given me permission to use Maxwell and Sans respectively.

Undyne is back! DeBawcks Productions aka Jurgurging686 gave me permission to use her. Link here: