Ronald Reagan
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Spitting Image

Appears in

Throw Some Lawl Back At 'Em



Entrance: Good Morning Mr. PresidentEdit

He's sleeping along with his wife, and he wakes up.


Neutral B: Pick Up the PhoneEdit

Ronald picks up the red banana and starts phoning someone. Press B again to throw it, causing regular damage. If you don't throw it, he starts making naughty noises. This makes Caspar to run to the stage, knocking everything on his way. If you hit Caspar while he's running, Ronald will recieve damage. You also recieve damage if it's used on a moving platform.

Side B: Arcade ExcitementEdit

Ronald plays a racing game on an arcade, which actually can be used to drive. Ronald can turn around and jump. It's strong, but the attack finishes after 2 seconds. You can't control it while falling.

Up B: Brain TowerEdit

Ronald's brain suddenly stretches upward, causing normal damage. He can use his brain to reach higher platforms.

Down B: Bedtime for BonzoEdit

Ronald hides behind a big teddy bear. While he's behind it, he can't recieve damage. You can move and use normal attacks while you use this attack. It finishes after 6 seconds, or if Bonzo gets hit a lot.

Final Smash: One Hell of a NurseEdit

Ronald takes off a remote control with two big buttons: Nuke and Nurse. He tries to press the Nurse button, but presses the Nuke button instead, causing a nuclear explosion, KOing everyone on the stage. This attack can be avoided by keeping the balance.


Up Taunt: ???

Side Taunt: ???

Down Taunt: ???

Victory PosesEdit

Option 1: ???

Option 2: His wife kisses him

Lose Pose: Stays dizzy


  • This is the first puppet character.


Throw Some Lawl Back At Em Spitting Image Ronald Reagan Moveset02:54

Throw Some Lawl Back At Em Spitting Image Ronald Reagan Moveset


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