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Welcome to the Smash Bros Lawl All Origins WikiEdit

Smash Bros. Lawl is a fan-made version of Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The series was created by a YouTuber named Chincherrinas in 2009 and it focuses on YouTube Poop / Internet Meme (Then, we got the YouTube Poops/Celebrities/Cults categorizing) characters in the Super Smash Bros. Universe. The series has grown to the point that it holds a growing fandom along with multiple fan-made spin offs and tributes.


  • In this wiki, if you wanna add your characters, we're okay with that. It just needs to have a gameplay video.
  • No Text-Based or Wikia, only movesets.
  • No "Upcoming Characters" or "Possible Characters". We don't want to fill the Wiki with characters that won't be made in a while.
  • Your grammar must be good. We won't correct you in everything.
  • And of course, don't start fights with other users, be socialized.
  • No opinions. If you don't like a character or a moveset, don't write it in his/her/its page, or add a category about it. A wiki must be objective. The only opinions that are allowed, are the ones that are given by the Lawlers officially (For Example: "Agito90 thought that a moveset for himself was stupid").

Latest activityEdit

  • edit Shrek
    edited by GloryTheRainWing108 diff
  • edit Shrek
    edited by GloryTheRainWing108 diff
    Summary: Edited some typos
    Added categories: Playable Characters in Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus, Lawl Nexus

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  • new page Shrek
    created by GloryTheRainWing108
    New page: Shrek ' Universe Shrek Debut Shrek Appears in Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus Contents[show] Special MovesEdit B - Fire FartEdit...
    Added categories: Playable Character, Male, Shrek
    Added photo:
    Added videos:


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  • new page Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus
    created by GloryTheRainWing108
    New page: Super Smash Bros Lawl Nexus is a Lawl game created by Jellyfishbaby, aka GloryTheRainWing108 on this site. Find the playlist here:...
    Summary: I added a new page.
    Added categories: Games, Lawl Spinoff
  • categorization Invader Zim
    edited by A Fandom user diff
    Added category: Lawl X
  • edit Sheldon Cooper
    edited by A Fandom user diff
    Edited the section: Taunts
  • new page Dorkly mario
    created by A Fandom user
    New page: intro:carpet roll ATTACKS normal b: BANG! BANG! BANG! he makes guns with his hands while shooting bullets side b:adult swim he puts out a "ADULT...
    Summary: dorkly Mario joins smash bros. lawlstars!
  • edit Lawl stars
    edited by A Fandom user diff
    Summary: this lawl
  • new page Bambo
    created by A Fandom user
    New page: bambo shoots the brawl world:deer anvenger debut: deer anvenger entrence:walk in normal b:shotgun up b:bazooka down b:slingshot side b:fart rocket...
    Summary: bambo joins lawl
  • new page Mr rentel
    created by A Fandom user
    New page: entrence:here's renty! normal B:computer CRASH!:he sets up the move when the computer starts crashing into the opponments giving them 10% damage up...
    Summary: 1234567890-

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