Within mostly every Smash Bros Lawl, there is a wide variety of characters to choose from. Here is the list of all the current characters.




Lawl XEdit

Lawl NovaEdit

Lawl of the Dead Edit

Lawl MAD Edit

Lawl Nitro Edit

Throw Some Lawl Back At EmEdit

Lawl Beatdown Edit

Lawl What If Edit

Lawl Liquid Crystal Edit

Lawl Liquid Crystal DLC Edit

Lawl Demic Edit

L-NEO Edit

Lawl's Peak Academy Edit

Lawl Alpha Edit

Lawl Alpha Remastered Edit

Lawl Alpha Sister Location Edit

Battle For Lawl Island Edit

Lawl United Edit

Lawl Galaxy Edit

Lawl Fantasmic Edit

Lawl Lexar Edit

Lawl W A V E Edit

Lawl Starstuck Edit

Lawl Hate Edit

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