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Smash Bros Cartoon Brawl

Special AttacksEdit

Neutral B - Step OffEdit

Rigby slaps forwards saying "Step Off!". Rigby can charge his attack by holding B but when he's fully charged, he has to finish

Side B - CartEdit

Rigby rides a Cart. It does damage to anyone in the way of it, and moves Rigby in the progress

Up B - TrampolineEdit

Rigby jumps on a trampoline. If someone else happens to bounce on the trampoline while Rigby does then Rigby will go twice as high as normal, also while Rigby is swinging his arms can damage anyone in his way

Down B - Realistic CloneEdit

Rigby summons a realistic clone of himself. If you touch the clone then some serious damage will be done to you. When the clone gets hit once then it dissappears. Rigby can only make 3 at a time

Final Smash - Death PunchEdit

Rigby carries his opponents to the end of the stage where at the end, he use the death punch and sends his opponents flying


◾Down Taunt-

◾Side Taunt-

◾Up Taunt- "You don't want another fist!"

Character DescriptionEdit


Super Cartoon Bros Brawl Moveset - Rigby02:19

Super Cartoon Bros Brawl Moveset - Rigby


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