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Neutral B - I choose you!Edit

Like Anthony's Side B, Red summon one of six pokemon in his party to attack his enemy with. It is a 1/6 random chance that one certain pokemon will come out.

  • Pikachu - Use Thunderbolt into a opponent, probably stunning them.
  • Meowth - Use Pay Day, throwing a coin towards.(It pretty mush Red's weakest pokemon).
  • Squirtle - Use Rapid Spin to slam toward into anything that get in you way.
  • Machop - Same as Anthony's Mankey.
  • Haunter - Use Shadow Ball towards into a opponent.
  • Charmander - Same as Missingno.'s.

Side B - BicycleEdit

Like Madotsuki's, Red rides with his bicycle. The different between Red and Mado is that you can't jump while this move. That, and

Up B - FlyEdit

Red jump into a bird pokemon into fly away. Anyone who near the bird pokemon while you flying with get damage. Beside that, it just a basic recovery move.

Down B - Max RepelEdit

Red use a Max Repel as a trap to deflects everything anything with it, except Red. This also count to projection. It is also good for if the opponent is trying to edgeguard into a nearby performs.

Final Smash - Master BallEdit

Like I.M. Meen and CD-I Link's Final Smash, Red trap a opponent with the Master Ball. While the opponent is trap, you can throw the Master Ball off of the stage for a quick KOs. The different between Red with I.M.Meen and CD-i Link is that if you throw the Ball in the ground, you will release your opponent instead of KOs them.


  • Up Taunt- "!!"
  • Side Taunt- ?????????????
  • Down Taunt- Sitting


Smash Bros Lawl Infinity Character Moveset - Red

Smash Bros Lawl Infinity Character Moveset - Red


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