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Smash Bros. Lawl







Special MovesEdit

B- Seres FlotandoEdit

Jaime Maussan summons an extraterrestrial out of thin air, which floats until it collides with an opponent or floats out of bounds. There can be two at a time.

Side B- Portal DimensionalEdit

Maussan opens up a portal. It sucks up anyone who falls into it. With the captured opponent, Maussan can control the portal with the control stick, but the portal can only move horizontally, can't go through walls, and can't go out of stage bounds. It fires the opponent by pressing A or waiting 3 seconds. The portal can vacuum up projectiles and fire them upwards, or Maussan himself can go into the portal by pressing A as it appears, each with the same functions as controlling a captured opponent.

Up B- Caballo VoladorEdit

Behaves like Snake's Cypher. The major differences are that the summoned horse can fly by chosen direction after Maussan descends and that there can be two horses at a time. Maussan flies in that state for two seconds.

Down B- OVNIEdit

Summons a small UFO from above, which crash-lands and explodes. There can be one in the screen at a time.

Final Smash- La Caida de un MeteoritoEdit

Maussan declares of a meteor falling from space, and then a cutscene shows a gargantuan meteor heading straight towards Earth. He prepares to escape in his UFO, as the world would get destroyed. Other opponents have three seconds to get in the UFO before they get KO'd... except for one, because there's not enough room for everyone. Depending on the number of players, there's a limited space for Maussan and any surviving opponents. This phase is skipped entirely in one-on-one fights. After another cutscene shows the victim(s) being crushed by the meteor and the survivors escaping, the battle continues on another stage.


(His voice clips are in Spanish)

  • Down Taunt- "If you're not scared yet... I think this will scare you eh?"
  • Side Taunt- "It's Fascinating, huh?"
  • Up Taunt- "This is an effort, but this costs, believe me that it costs...and alot."

Character DescriptionEdit

Role In The Subspace EmissaryEdit

Jaime Maussan makes his appearance in Camp of Stars, following Haruhi at a slow pace, in comparison to Haruhi's super speed. Haruhi makes snarky comments about Maussan's sluggish pace. When Toon Pyron descends to Earth, the two ufologists speed towards Pyron to collect alien evidence. After the battle, Pyron gets turned into a trophy. Just as Maussan was about to collect alien evidence, Carlos Trejo speeds on his motorcycle and captures it. Trejo throws several potshots at Maussan and Haruhi before speeding off, leaving the ufologist duo to deal with Trejo's gang of bikers. The minions fail, and Maussan and Haruhi follow the tracks made by Trejo, with Maussan walking at a slow pace.


Smash Bros Lawl Character Moveset - Jaime Maussan05:07

Smash Bros Lawl Character Moveset - Jaime Maussan


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