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Invader Zim

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Special MovesEdit

B - Bologna TackEdit

Zim's tack will turn however it hits into bologna imobilizing them. Leaving them vunerable to attacks. This attack's effects though only last 5 seconds

Side B - PostulioEdit

Zim can hypnotize the opponent into doing as he commands. Press any on the Special attack buttons after hypnotizing the opponents to forcefully make them do a random attack. Since all the properties of the move still exist they can cancel the forced upon move from the opponent by pressing a specified button. The hypnotized opponent cannot hurt Zim but everyone else can hurt Zim or the hypnotized opponent.

Up B - Irken BackpackEdit

Similar to Morshu's rope, it can grab ledges, items, and opponents.

Down B - Dark HarvestEdit

Zim will take away one of his opponent's moves and use it as his own like Kirby's neutral except Dark Harvest will never miss. You can only use this move 3 times per stocking. If you take enough damage you'll lose the power you've obtained.

Final Smash - A ROOM WITH A MOOSE!!!!Edit

Zim shouts "A ROOM WITH A MOOSE!!!" as he send a moose to K.O. the opponent.


Smash Bros Lawl Infinity Character Moveset - Invader Zim

Smash Bros Lawl Infinity Character Moveset - Invader Zim


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