Dross's Diary

Appears in

Aitor Molina's Smash Bros. Lawl





Dross appears disguised as a troll (With a towel covering his head) and says: "Hi! I'm the Troll!"

Special AttacksEdit

Neutral B - WhiplashEdit

Dross will hit with the whip from one of his games

Side B - Me cago en Dios, gaste un poderEdit

Dross will "waste" his power throwing a fireball which will reload after 10 seconds.

Up B - OuijaEdit

Dross will use the powers of atheism to invoke a ghost and levitate with it (the ghost hurts).

Down B - Farted PizzaEdit

He throws it to the floor hitting opponents. It can be eaten by anyone, but there is a 1/2 chance to get poisoned. (except Dross)

Final Smash - I can't believe they're aliens!Edit

The Bolivian Army summons a Nuclear Helicopter that drops a bomb.

KO SoundsEdit

KO Sound 1: COÑO!

KO Sound 2: Coño!


Screen KO Sound: CoÑOOOO!

Taunts (Note: He talks in Spanish)Edit

Up Taunt: I'm a pretty pretty little Drossy (x8)

Side Taunt: Not all, but a lot of them


Victory Poses/Lose PoseEdit

Option 1: Shakes his arms repedly

Option 2: Moves his hand, like if he was fapping

Option 3: Does exercise, in underwear

Lose Pose: Shows the bird

Classic ModeEdit

Tutorial Rival: Game AVGN

Rival 1: The Joker: One of his favourite comic villains

Rival 2: Ash Williams: His favourite zombie killer

Rival 3: Ripley: His favourite Movie Heroine

Rival 4: Pope Francis I: He made some videos about him

Rival 5: Maiden Rikku: Both are Let's Players, and he's a little bit male chauvinist

Rival 6: Slenderman: He played his games

Rival 7: Kunashgi: He hates anime

Rival 8: Auronplay: They both do critics of reviewers

Rival 9: Skapokon: Both are reviewers accused of being Rip-Offs (Even if Skapokon is an Intencional one)

Rival 10: Blockbuster Buster: Both are Latin American Reviewers


  • This moveset is actually a reuploaded April Fools video that Aitor Molina uploaded in his old channel in 2011. That actually makes Aitor the First Lawler ever, even before ARL3


Smash Bros Moveset - Dross04:58

Smash Bros Moveset - Dross

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