bambo shoots the brawl

world:deer anvenger

debut: deer anvenger

entrence:walk in

normal b:shotgun

up b:bazooka

down b:slingshot

side b:fart rocket

final smash:the utumate finale :he gets to first person view pressing b will shoot with some war music with hunters walking in shooting

KO sound 1:ow

KO sound 2:doh!


screen KO sound:GUH!

up taunt:iam here to kick your ass!

down taunt:DIE!

side taunt:smart ass

pose 1:you should play more soild next time

pose 2:i win punk!

pose 3:i am the deer anvenger!

lose pose: turns back & claps

red & leo codec: red:ha a deer with a gun leo:that's bambo he's from a sireis witch was a spoof of the deer hunter game that only spawned 4 called deer anvenger & that's his 2nd name!

red:oh is a spoof so he's a duck hunt of lawl?

leo:yes don't talk about his F.I.N.A.L.S.M.A.S.H.!

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